This semester, MPH students, faculty and staff participated in the Remote Area Medical (RAM) Clinic at Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, TN. RAM Clinic provides medical, dental and vision services at no cost to the patients. MPH volunteers helped with post clinic referrals and evaluation surveys! Over 520 patients were registered that weekend and over $300,000 worth of medical services were provided. We loved partnering with UTC Social Work, RAM USA and meeting students, faculty and volunteers from all over the country (including Gainesville Friends of MSF)! We look forward to volunteering with RAM again in the future to continue providing much deserved services and resources! Those that are interested in learning more about RAM and how to serve, check out their website here for more information!  

MPH Faculty, Staff and Students Involved:  

Emory Evans, Jordan Foster, Hannah Jeffery, Ryan Ledford, Doug Ledford, Shelby Nolan, Kim Osment, Natalie Parks, Jessica Pierce, Emma Sampson, Jillian Sarney, Iqra Sheikh, Joey Thomas, Savannah Ward