Research Experiences for Undergraduates 101: Everything You Need to Know About REUs and How to Attend One

REU 101 graphic

So you are an upperclass mathematics major and are wanting to use what you have learned in class to explore ways to use math in the modern world. You are also interested in research and would like to gain some experience before you graduate. But you don’t know where to start or how to gain that experience. What do you do? A great place to start is to participate

Wang Awarded National Science Foundation Research Grant

Dr. Jin Wang, Professor and UNUM Chair of Excellence in Applied Mathematics, was recently awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his project entitled “Deterministic Models for Waterborne Infections”. The amount awarded is $200,000 and the project duration is from 2020 to 2023.  With the support of this NSF grant, Dr. Wang plans to establish a new mathematical modeling framework for waterborne infectious diseases based on deterministic differential equations.

Math Department Welcomes New Faculty and Staff Members

Two new faculty and staff members joined The University of Tenneessee at Chattanooga Department of Mathematics in August 2020.  Dr. Ziwei Ma joined UTC as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics in August 2020 after he received his Ph. D. degree in mathematics from New Mexico State University. His research focuses on statistical methods in skewed date based on skew normal and related families and application of mathematical and statistical models in engineering,

Math Plaza Upgrades Technology for Fall

After 8 years of having the same computers, the Math Plaza has finally seen an upgrade to technology in the lab. One hundred two computers were ordered and installed in the lab this past July. The old computers had a lot of issues due to their age: hardware going bad, computers being very slow on startup, computers freezing on students while using them, etc. Out of the 102 old

Department of Mathematics Makes Big Move to Lupton Hall

Lupton Hall outside

Over the summer, the Department of Mathematics was one of several departments on campus to make the move to the newly renovated Lupton Hall. Because of its relationship with multiple majors as well as the University’s General Education Program, this ensures that the department has a centralized location on campus. The Math Department is located on the third floor on Lupton Hall. This floor has access to state-of-the-art classrooms