Solar Decathlon Competitions

Solar Decathlon Competitions

UTC Solar Decathlon participates in Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon and Orange County (OC) Sustainability Decathlon. They are collegiate design-and-build competitions focused on sustainable housing that challenge college students worldwide to design and build high-performance, low-carbon buildings that mitigate climate change and improve our quality of life through greater affordability, resilience, and energy efficiency.

The competition has 10 contest categories including:

  1. Architecture
  2. Engineering
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Durability and Resilience
  5. Embodied Environmental Impact
  6. Integrated Performance
  7. Occupant Experience
  8. Comfort and Environmental Quality
  9. Energy Performance
  10. Presentation

To learn more about the Solar Decathlon competitions, please visit:

We want more UTC students to participate. Why participate?

The benefits include:
• Develop critical career skills
• Learn from experts and peers
• Gain valuable insights from world-class thought leaders
• Showcase the future of high-performance building design
• Get hand-on experience and unique training for preparation to enter the clean energy workforce
• Be a part of multidisciplinary teams