Course Taught

Course NumberTitleSemester Taught
ENCH 3310Chemical Process PrinciplesFall 2017-2022
ENCH 3320Heat and Mass TransferSpring 2018-2023
ENCH 3350Unit Operations LaboratoryFall 2017-2022
ENCH 4340Chemical Kinetics and Reactor DesignSpring 2018-2023
ENCH 4350Chemical Processes LaboratoryFall 2022
ENCH 4999RGroup Studies: Solar DecathlonFall 2020-Spring 2022 (offered Fall and Spring)
ENCH 5910RMolecular Dynamics SimulationsFall 2020-Fall
ENCH 5910RPorous Materials for Renewable Energy ApplicationsFall 2021
ENCH 5910RDeep Learning Applications in Chemical Reaction ModelingSummer 2021
ENCH 5910RRecent Review and Computational research on an Industrial Ecoat ProcessFall 2022
ENCH 4997ResearchSpring 2021- Fall 2021
ENCH 7997Individual StudyFall 2021, Fall 2022

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination review course (2018~current) 

Key students’ comments from student evaluations

“Dr. Yang is one of the best professors in the engineering college.” Dec. 2021

“Dr. Yang explains things very well.” April 2020

 “This was my favorite class solely due to the amazing professor and how much effort he put into the course and always made sure we understood what he was covering!” April 2020

“Dr. Yang is an extremely capable instructor. I feel lucky that I have been able to have him for this course. One great thing he did was cover a difficult concept in greater depth after many students had difficulty with.” Dec. 2021

“The professor is a big strength as he really cares to help the students succeed.” Dec. 2021