On Tuesday February 26, six UTC undergraduate researchers traveled to Nashville to participate in the annual Posters at the Tennessee State Capitol event. The annual event provides an opportunity for students to share research findings with legislators, and communicate the transformational power of undergraduate research activities. Congratulations to the 2019 presenters!
List of presenters:

Sara Bey (Physics), “Experimental Studies of Transport Properties of Novel Amorphous Fe-Dy-O Thin Films”
Mentor: Dr. Tatiana Allen

Hannah Hightower (Biology), “Tracking Cicada Susceptibility to Fungal Infection in Urban Habitats”
Mentor: Dr. DeAnna Beasley

Karina Kraevsky-Phillips (Nursing), “Nice girls finish last: Acquiescent assertiveness attributed to workplace violence exposure and uncivil nursing encounters”
Mentor: Dr. Katharine Kemplin

Nicole Messer (Political Science), “Ebb and Flow: How the Supreme Court Distributed Power in the Twentieth Century”
Mentor: Dr. Kelli Nelson

Morgan Royer (Psychology), “The Effect of Therapy Dogs on Preoperative Anxiety”
Mentor: Dr. Preston Foerder

Trevor Paratore (Chemistry), “Photoacoustic Harmony: Using Musical Concepts to Study Mixed Gases through PA Spectroscopy”
Mentor: Dr. Han Park

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