Fall 2019 Digital Measures Newsletter

Fall 2019

You Spoke, We Listened!

In With the New and Out With the Old!

Have you noticed the change to our Scholarship/Research screens?

We are excited to announce we now have one location for your publications, appropriately called “publications”.  This replaces the previous two sections titled “Scholarly Activity Published” and “Scholarly Activity in Progress.”


EDO Integration

We’re winding down the objectives phase of Planning and Performance Reporting within Digital Measures with 243 EDO test pilots.  If your department is participating in the pilot and you have not completed your objectives, please make sure to do so by September 15.  If you would like to revise your previously submitted objectives, please use the link below to let us know.

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Fall Back Into Digital Measures with a Training Session

Welcome to our new faculty

Our Digital Measures team will be conducting a Digital Measures lab on November 14, for the Teaching and Learning Institution Institute.  If you would like a training session or have questions prior to this date, please click on the link below.

Returning faculty

If you would like a refresher, we are here for you too.  Let us know what time best works for you by clicking the link below.

Training Request

Coming Soon!

Here is a sample of a few enhancements on the horizon

  • New citation styles for reporting
    • American Medical Association (AMA)
    • American Society Civil Engineers
    • Chicago Author-Date
    • Chicago Bibliography and Notes
  • Custom departmental reports
    • CAPTE Accreditation Template
    • College of Arts and Sciences Annual Report Template

If your department would like to leverage Digital Measures for your reporting needs, please click here.

  • Integration with student evaluations
  • Faculty Web Profiles

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Spring 2019 Digital Measures Newsletter

Spring 2019

You Spoke, We Listened!

Teaching Schedule Screen Update

Have you looked at your teaching schedule in Digital Measures lately?  Not only are your courses automatically downloaded for you, but we’ve added boxes where you can elaborate on each course. Give it a look over.  We believe you will be excited to see the changes!  Your feedback made it happen!.

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Will you be our friend?  We plan to put together a “friends” group with representatives from each college. This group will communicate with faculty in their college to keep them up to date on all things Digital Measures and help us further adapt Digital Measures to meet your department’s needs.  We plan to meet quarterly or more often as needed.  If you would like to volunteer to represent your college or would like more information then click below!

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Goals / Individual Objectives

For those of you in the pilot, you may have noticed that the Individual Objectives in Workflow have a due date of September 15, 2019. This will enable you to go back and revise your objectives up until that date.  Of course, your department head will determine when he/she would like to review them.  Once submitted, you will still be able to revise them.  Just shoot us an email and we will send them back to you for revisions.

EDO Guides

EDO Pilot

We conducted an EDO pilot for the 2018-2019 evaluation period. We thank the following departments for their participation: Communication, English, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science and Public Service, Counselor Education, Integrated Studies, Interior Design, Learning and Leadership, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, School of Education, School of Nursing, School Psychology, and Social Work. They provided us with great feedback which enabled us to enhance the process for our next round of annual evaluations. HHP, Accounting, Psychology, and Engineering Management and Technology will be joining us for the 2019-2020 round of our pilot.

Thank you for your feedback!

Fall 2018 Digital Measures Newsletter

Fall 2018

Did you Know?

  • Going forward, we will refer to Activity Insight as Digital Measures. Please double check all of your bookmarks to ensure they still work.
  • We offer Digital Measures as a tool to document all of your hard work – not just research, but also teaching and service.
  • You enter or import your data once, and then you can use it anywhere you need it.
  • We offer tools to import your information from a variety of sources, including Google Scholar, Web of Science, Crossref, and PubMed.
  • Using a tablet or phone? Digital Measures work on those devices as well as your desktop computer.
  • If your department needs reports or workflows for accreditation or program review, we can build them for you.
  • To support you best, we offer a resource page for Digital Measures, found here
  • If you have any questions concerning Digital Measures don’t hesitate to ask your UTC Digital Measures Administrators, Vickie Adkison & Donny Behneman.

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Are you up to date?

All full-time faculty (lecturers, tenure-track and tenured) must have a profile in Digital Measures to include the most recent 5 years of Teaching, Scholarship/Research and Service Activities. If you haven’t already, please use the link below to provide us an update on your status.

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Need a Boost?

Approximately 82% of our full-time faculty have had Digital Measures training. If you would like a training or refresher session, please use the link below. We have sessions that accommodate any schedule!

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EDO Sneak Peak!

We are excited to announce that we are conducting a pilot test for our faculty annual review (EDO) with a few departments using Digital Measures. Phase I of entering “Individual Objectives” is almost complete. Phase II (the “Individual Performance Report” and the “Individual Evaluation”) will begin in March 2019. For a sneak peek at the process click on the link below.

EDO Sneak Peak