Undergraduate Courses Taught

  1. ENME 3580 – Manufacturing Processes (UTC) [Fall 2018]: Introduction to the analytical tools of machine science such as heat treatment, metalworking, welding, castings, thermal processing, machine operations, and their applications to the solution of manufacturing problems. Introduction to machine operations and capabilities, applications and advanced material forming/processes techniques [Syllabus: ENME.3580.49724.syllabus.fa18.Ibrahim].
  2. MIME 2300 – Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (UT) [Spring & Summer 2018]: Kinematics of particles and rigid bodies. Through study of kinetics of particles and rigid bodies using Newton’s laws of motion, work-energy methods, and impulse and momentum methods. [Syllabus: MIME 2300_Syllabus_Spring 2018_Ibrahim].
  3. MIME 3330 – Mechanics Laboratory (UT) [Fall 2017 & Spring 2018]: This laboratory course consists of experiments in the strength of materials and stress analysis. Experiments include stress analysis of straight and curved beams, analysis of torsion and combined stresses in shafts, stress concentrations, and determination of mechanical properties from tension tests and fatigue tests [Syllabus: MIME3330_Syllabus_Spring 2018_Ibrahim].
  4. CIVE 1150 – Engineering Mechanics – Statics (UT) [Fall 2017]: Study of coplanar statics of particles, vector addition, resultant components, equilibrium, free body diagrams, equivalent force systems, vector products, scalar products, 2 & 3 dimensional equilibrium of rigid bodies, analysis of machines, pulleys, trusses, centroids, moments of inertia, shear and bending moment diagrams [Syllabus: CIVE1150_Syllabus_Fall_2017_Ibrahim].