Research Interests

My current research is in materials science and engineering with a major focus on processing and characterizations of biomaterials for a wide range of applications including biomedical devices. Research areas include biodegradable composites, biodegradable metals (magnesium), shape memory alloys (nitinol), additive manufacturing, surface treatments, and corrosion behavior of biomaterials.

Research Experience

Chief Research Officer – Toledo, Ohio
Thermomorph, LLC – Feb 2018-July 2018

  • Conducted research aimed at developing biomedical devices particularly a clot removal device “QuickFlow PE”.
  • Assisted in developing an industry-focused, commercialization feasibility assessment aimed at recommending/delineating milestones and evaluating potential license value to the developed devices.

Postdoctoral Fellow – Toledo, Ohio
DSS-Lab at the University of Toledo – Aug 2017-July 2018

  • Designed and led a research project aimed at developing a biocompatible coating for metallic porous bone implants.
  • Monitored and advised graduate and undergraduate students during their work in the lab.

Ph.D. Research AssistantToledo, Ohio
University of Toledo – Sep 2013-Aug 2017

  • Conducted doctoral dissertation research under the direction of Prof. Mohammad Elahinia.
  • Successfully designed and started a research project to develop a safe and biodegradable metallic-based bone fixation hardware.
  • Invented a novel post-shaping process for the biomedical use of a magnesium-based alloy, patent application # WO2017112779A1.
  • Participated in the development and commercialization of QuickFlow-PE, a clot removal device.
  • Collaborated in the fabrication and testing of additively-manufactured (3D-printed) patient-specific bone implants made of shape memory alloys (nitinol-based).

M.Sc. Research AssistantCairo, Egypt
Cairo University and American University in Cairo (AUC) – Oct 2010-Sep 2013

  • Conducted master’s thesis research under the direction of Prof. Mahmoud Farag.
  • Initiated a research project to develop strong, affordable and completely biodegradable materials made of environmental-friendly “green” composites.
  • Collaborated in the preparation of biodegradable materials and the testing process of their mechanical, microstructural and biological properties.

Invention Disclosures and Patents

  1. Ibrahim, H. and Elahinia, M. Process to Produce High-Strength and Corrosion Resistant Alloy for Patient-Specific Bioresorbable Bone Fixation Implants and Hardware. WO2017112779A1, December 21, 2015.
  2. Cooper J.C., Elahinia, M., Gupta, R. & Ibrahim, H. Minimally Invasive Thrombectomy Device. CIP, US20150265299A1, April 2, 2015.

Selected Awards and Recognitions

  • First place for the $10,000 Business Plan Competition – School of Business at the UT     2018
  • NSF Student Travel Award for MSEC2016/NAMRC44 Conference 2016 and 2017
  • Finalist in 2016 SMASIS Best Student Hardware Paper Competition     2016
  • Yousef Jameel Science & Technology Research Center fellowship (YJ-STRC)     2010
  • Cairo University Graduate Studies Scholarship     2009