MocsMail Changes for Alumni and Former Students Accounts


Announcement Date: July 12, 2023

As many of you know, UTC offers enrolled students the option to store files or collaborate using a Google (MocsMail) account or a Microsoft O365 account.  Google has removed unlimited storage options from all Google Workspace for Education accounts this year. These changes impact UTC’s ability to provide the same level of service as in the past. To comply with security best practices and UTC’s new storage limits, Information Technology has been making several rounds of changes this year. The current round of changes includes account expiration for alumni and former student MocsMail accounts.

MocsMail Account Expiration: Beginning with the Spring 2023 graduates, new alumni will have access to their MocsMail account ( for one year after graduation.  Prior alumni and former students will have until November 15, 2023, to transition any services to a personal account.  Emails have been sent to all alumni and former student accounts.

For information on what happens to your account once you graduate or leave the university, visit . 

For information on UTC’s round one changes to google storage, visit

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