The Past CALM Team

The Past CALM Team

Principal Investigator

Jill Shelton, Ph.D.


Education & Degrees

Post-doctoral Fellow, Aging Training Grant, Washington University in St. Louis 2008-2011
Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (specialization in Cognitive/Developmental), Louisiana State University, 2008
M.S., Research Psychology, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, 2003
B S., Psychology, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, 2001

Teaching Interests

Cognitive Psychology

Psychology of aging

Experimental Psychology

Research Interests

Prospective memory

Individual differences in working memory and intelligence

Cognitive aging (both healthy aging and dementia)

Applying cognitive principles to the education setting

The distracting effects of cell phones

Consumer decision-making processes


Current Graduate Researchers


Current Junior Undergraduate Researchers


Amelia Edwards

Amelia is a senior at UTC, majoring in Psychology with two minors in Biology and Women’s Studies. She is a Brock Scholar, and her current work in the lab contributes to her Honors Thesis. Previous, she has worked as a teaching assistant for Dr. Shelton’s Research Methodology course, and she has also been active in the CALM Lab for three semesters. She expects her time in the CALM Lab to give her the experience she needs to be successful in her future endeavors in graduate school and beyond!



Daniel Ellis

Daniel is a junior brock scholar at UTC majoring in Psychology. His interests include computer science, philosophy, psychology, and poetry. Though he has yet to decide on a career path, he hopes to be able to merge his interests in math and programming with the study of the human mind. This is Daniel’s third semester of involvement with the CALM lab.



Claudia Craig

Claudia Craig is a senior marketing major at UTC with an interest in marketing research and IO Psychology. Ever since she was a child Claudia has had a passion of learning about how the mind works and mixes her passion with providing valuable goods and services to customers through business. In the lab, Claudia has collected data for the Auditory Context and the Strategic Allocation of Attention in Prospective Memory study and for the Don’t Forget to Remember: Motivation and Environmental Cues Affect Prospective Memory Performance study. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, she can see herself conducting marketing research for a firm or studying IO Psychology in graduate school. Learning about the mind and how thinking occurs fascinates her and motivates her to gain a deeper understanding of herself and those around her.



Ashley May

Ashley is currently a senior working on a B.S. in Psychology and B.S. in Biology. In her time at UTC, she has worked with Dr. Warren as a teacher’s assistant for a Childhood Development class, which lead to an interest in studying motivation and memory. In her first year being in the CALM lab, she has assisted in research dealing with prospective memory tasks and motivation using eye-tracking technology. The CALM lab will provide experience being in a laboratory setting and possibly working with older adults. With this experience, she eventually plans attend graduate school and work with veterans in assisted living facilities.



Anna Splean

Anna is a senior student who will earn her BS in Psychology in December 2018. She is a research assistant in the CALM lab, where she has worked on prospective memory projects using eye tracking technology, and will soon be assisting on a project that aims to provide educational resources for elders to aid them in their everyday life. She is also a research assistant in the PPIB (Personality, Perceptions,& Interpersonal Behavior) lab. Her research interests include translational neuroscience, specifically life outcomes of TBI and neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging. Anna hopes to begin graduate studies in research and experimental psychology in fall 2019.


CALM Lab Alumni


Thomas Vorwerk

Thomas is recent graduate alumna of the Research Psychology program, after earning a BS in Psychology at UTC. Through his experiences in college, he acquired an interest in Geriatrics, and is pursuing further education in the study of aging. He works at an assisted/independent living facility, where he coordinates activities with the residents. He was a research assistant in the CALM lab for approximately 6 years, and the research projects he has worked on involved the influence of visual and auditory context on prospective memory using eye-tracking techniques. He conducted a thesis project with the goal of improving the memory self-confidence of elders in an continuing care retirement community through the use of an educational intervention which informed and taught elders memory strategies to improve everyday functioning.



Jessica Hacker



Eddie Christopher