Funded Proposals (5/1/2013 – 5/31/2013)


The following UTC faculty and staff recently attracted $916,314 in external grant and contract awards:


Ms. Belinda Brownlee, Director of Upward Bound, secured $286,462 from the U.S. Department of Education to continue the work of Upward Bound during the 2013-2014 academic year.  Upward Bound provides supplemental academic assistance, educational and career guidance, and cultural enrichment activities to help participating students develop the skills necessary to succeed in high school and college.

Upward Bound


Dr. Ben Byard, Visiting Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, attracted $150,000 from the Tennessee Department of Transportation to develop four new cost-effective concrete mixtures. Dr. Byard will work to ensure these mixtures meet the minimum strength and durability requirements of the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Civil Engineering


Dr. Lucien Ellington, UC Foundation Professor of Education and Director of the UTC Asia Program, attracted $24,497 from The Freeman Foundation for teacher professional development programs in 2013. The Tennessee office of the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia conducts seminars and creates training materials for middle and high school teachers in the Chattanooga regional area. In a second proposal, Dr. Ellington also attracted support from the Laurasian Institution for UTC to serve as a two-year hosting site for a Japanese outreach coordinator. The coordinator will conduct community outreach activities to bolster a greater understanding of Japan within the Chattanooga area.

School of Education

UTC Asia Program


Ms. Anne Gamble, Director of Project Ready for School, Dr. Valerie Rutledge, incoming Dean for the College of Health, Education and Professional Studies, Kay Cowan, Associate Professor in the School of Education, Sarah Sandefur, UC Foundation Professor in the School of Education, and Dr. Amye Warren, Professor of Psychology, attracted $370,458 from U.S. Department of Education for year two of five year program, “Teachers Helping English Language Proficiency (HELP).” The program prepares 140 additional ESL-endorsed teachers and supports them as they work in classrooms serving English learners.

Project Ready for School

College of Health, Education and Professional Studies

School of Education


Dr. Nick Honerkamp, Professor of Anthropology, secured $600 from the St. Simons Island Land Trust to carry out archeological survey and testing at Cannon’s Point, located on St. Simons Island, Georgia. The project will include mapping and survey of a proposed educational site and visitor’s pavilion.

Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography


Dr. Brenda McDaniel, Assistant Professor of Psychology, attracted $84,297 from Wake Forest University, made possible by funding from the John Templeton Foundation, to examine the nature of character and personality. The research will study factors such as identity change, role models, and moral traits in early adolescence and emerging adulthood.



Submitted Proposals (5/1/2013 – 5/31/2013)


The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals with the potential to generate over $143,578 in external funding, if awarded:


Dr. Wilfred McClay (SunTrust Chair of Excellence in Humanities) requested $2,000 from the Jack Miller Center (JMC) to support a Constitution Day Lecture on the UTC campus in September. Bradley Birzer, the Russell Amos Kirk Professor of American Studies at Hillsdale College, will speak on “When St. Paul Met Aeneas in Philadelphia: The Classical and Christian Origins of the American Founding.”

SunTrust Chair of Excellence in Humanities


Ms. Laurie Melnik (Southeast Center for Education in the Arts –SCEA) requested $17,906 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga for a program called CommuniCreate, which aims to increase parental involvement in their child’s academic career. The program will facilitate experiential learning opportunities in the arts for K-12 students and families and develop an educational resource kit that will be accessible at no cost via the web.

Southeast Center for Education in the Arts


Mr. Jeff Rector and Mr. Bill Parker (Financial Aid) requested$19,963 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga to support the UTC Financial Literacy Education Program. Utilizing peer financial counselors, the program will work with campus offices, local organizations, and the community to promote financial wellness among current and prospective students through workshops, seminars, and one-on-one counseling sessions.

Financial Aid


The SimCenter Research Team requested $99,388 via SimCenter Enterprises to conduct plume research in the D.C. area. The project, which will simulate how a gas would move through the terrain and buildings of Washington, DC, complements other SimCenter research with emergency response implications.



Dr. Joe Wilferth (English) requested $4,320 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga to support outreach activities of Dr. Allen Wier, the department’s inaugural Visiting Scholar. Dr. Wier will give public readings and lectures, visit local schools, and participate in the biannual Meacham Writers Workshop to connect the community with learning in the humanities.


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