We’re proud to announce the 2016 recipients of the UTC Faculty Pre-Tenure Enhancement Program (PREP) awards!  UTC’s faculty is one of its most important resources, and these awards are designed to help push their careers forward, maximizing these investments made by both the individual and the university. PREP gives pre-tenure faculty the opportunity to bolster their research portfolio in anticipation of the promotion and tenure process by giving successful applicants access to pre-tenure release time, salary support, student research assistants, research-related travel, and more.

To learn more about the PREP or other awards, visit our internal grant competitions page.



The following UTC faculty and staff recently attracted $50,567 in internal grant awards:

Dr. James Arnett, Associate Professor of English, has been awarded $12,543 to pursue research related to his two upcoming books: African Affects and Whose African Literature? The grant will fund trips to English-speaking African capitals, with the intent of developing a critical basis for the handling of African affect under contemporary neoliberal capitalism, and to lay the groundwork for an approach towards joining field and ethnographic research with traditional literary-critical methodologies.


Dr. Jessica Auchter, UC Foundation Assistant Professor of Political Science & Public Service, has been awarded $12,628 for her research into body disposal during high-mortality disease outbreaks, and how the immediate and pervasive need to remove these remains from the public sphere creates issues pertaining to cultural, political, and health concerns associated with body disposal.


Dr. David Giles, Associate Professor of Biology, has received $5,310 to be used for working on new publication pieces and grant opportunities throughout the course of the Spring ‘17 semester, and to purchase key equipment to facilitate ongoing undergraduate research.


Dr. William Kuby, Assistant Professor of History, has been awarded $6,050 towards the completion of his upcoming book, Conjugal Misconduct: Forbidden Love and Marriage Law in the Twentieth-Century United States. The book investigates the shifting contours of modern marriage law by exploring controversial and legally ambiguous marital arrangements that arguably transformed the makeup of modern matrimony.


Dr. Endong Wang, Associate Professor of Engineering Management & Technology, has been awarded $14,036 for his investigation into the principal energy determinants of U.S. residential buildings, targeting the significant influencers on a national level to help produce a residential energy efficiency strategy.

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  1. Joe Wilferth says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for our faculty! Congratulations to the winners!