The following UTC Faculty and Staff have attracted $730,136 in external grant and contract awards:

Laurie Allen and Angela Dittmar (Arts-Based Collaborative) have received $3,000 from the Arts and Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa for the project entitled, “Professional Development Sessions for Ruth O’Connor.”

Dr. Michelle Deardorff (Political Science and Public Service) has requested and received $25,000 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for the project entitled, “2020-21 Washington Center internship program.”

Angela Dittmar (Arts-Based Collaborative) has requested and received $3,000 from Battle Academy for the project entitled, “Wolf Trap Residency for Battle Academy.”

Dr. Daniel Loveless (Electrical Engineering), in collaboration with Purdue University, has received $379,279 from the Department of Defense for the project entitled, “2020 SCALE Consortium – Radiation-Hard Microelectronics Workforce Development Consortium.”

Charlie Mix and Nyssa Hunt (IGTLab) have received $11,480 from Tennessee Valley Authority for the project entitled, “TVA Recreation Asset GIS Inventory.”

Drs. Renee Murley, Kendra Duncan, and Krysta Murillo (School of Education) have received $100,000 from the Tennessee Department of Education for the project entitled, “Grow Your Own Partnership.”

Dr. Daniel Pack (Electrical Engineering) has requested and received $58,250 from the Shared Spectrum Company for the project entitled, “Distributed, Large Scale Spectrum Analysis SBIR Phase II.”

Dr. Soubantika Palchoudhury (Civil and Chemical Engineering) has received $10,000 from the University of Tennessee Research Foundation for the project entitled, “HemX nanofertilizers for enhanced agricultural production.”

Drs. Mina Sartipi (CUIP) and Chandra Ward (Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies), in collaboration with Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority, have received $68,137 from the Department of Energy for the project entitled, “AI-Engine for Optimizing Integrated Service in Mixed Fleet Transit Operations.”

Dr. Anthony Skjellum (SIMCenter) has received $30,000 from Sandia National Lab for the project entitled, “ATSE Spack 2020-2021.”

Dr. Morgan Smith (Sociology) has received $34,990 from the National Science Foundation for the project entitled, “Exploring the Remote Detection of Lithic Artifacts Underwater Using Next-Generation Geophysics.”

Dr. Kristina Wick (School of Nursing) has received an additional $7,000 from the Tennessee Department of Health for the project entitled, “Tennessee Dementia Friendly Community Funding Opportunity.”

Good Luck!
The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals for the potential to generate over $20,217,802 in external funding, if awarded:

Drs. Michael Danquah (Civil and Chemical Engineering), Yingfeng Wang, and Dalei Wu (Computer Science and Engineering) have submitted a preliminary proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy for the project entitled, “Molecular thermodynamic analysis of N protein and viral RNA assembly of human coronaviruses.”

Drs. Jennifer Ellis, Kendra Duncan, Krysta Murillo, Stephanie Philipp (School of Education), Jose Barbosa, Deanna Beasley (Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science), and Angelique Ramnarine (Mathematics) have requested $1,997,400 from the National Science Foundation for the project entitled, “Transforming Pre-Service PreK-12 STEM Education.”

Dr. Mohammad Mahtabi (Mechanical Engineering) has submitted a white paper to the Department of Defense Office of Naval Research for the project entitled, “Actuation Fatigue and Crack Growth Behavior of Shape Memory Alloys.”

Drs. Mina Sartipi (CUIP), Jennifer Ellis (School of Education), Yu Liang (Computer Science and Engineering), Osama Osman, Dalei Wu (Civil and Chemical Engineering), Donald Reising (Electrical Engineering), and Reinhold Mann (Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research) have requested $17,935,589 from the National Science Foundation for the project entitled, “AI Institute: Advancing AI Research in Multi-Scale Multifaceted Dynamic Transportation Systems.”

Dr. Laura Tyndall, Dr. Linda Hill, and Rachel Nall (School of Nursing) have requested $5,000 from Sigma Theta Tau for the project entitled, “The Effect of a Novel Single-Use Intra-Operative Taping System on Rates of Healthcare-Acquired Infections.”

Drs. Serkan Varol and Ahad Nasab (Engineering Management and Technology) have requested $34,933 from the American Educational Research Association for the project entitled, “The spatial awareness of racial disparities in STEM enrollment.”

Drs. Yingfeng Wang (Computer Science and Engineering) has requested $244,880 from the National Science Foundation for the project entitled, “Collaborative Research: III: Small: Improving Peptide and Protein Identification Using Sensitivity Analysis and Rule-Based Ensemble Learning.”