SimCenter – Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science and Engineering

The impact and benefits from cross-disciplinary research, education and training in Computational Science and Engineering in various scientific and engineering domains have grown stronger since the start of SimCenter in 2002.

The scientific, technical and programmatic objectives of the SimCenter are aligned with problems of global, national and regional importance and grouped in these application focus areas:

  • Aerospace & Defense Simulation
  • Cybersecurity & Cyber-physical Systems
  • Energy & the Environment
  • Health & Biological Systems
  • High Performance Computing
  • Smart Cities & Urban Dynamics

The Center serves as a hub in Modeling, Simulation and High-Performance Computing for all Colleges at UTC. This involves cross-disciplinary team research projects that include important educational activities, including the PhD program in Computational Science and Engineering with concentrations in several domain sciences and in engineering. Center faculty and staff focus on

  • Maintaining a core competence and expertise in important areas of Modeling & Simulation, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and application domains in science and engineering;
  • Engaging in close, productive collaborations among faculty in UTC departments and the SimCenter, and joint mentoring of PhD students.
  • Maintaining productive relationships with sponsoring agencies and institutions, partners in the community, and with strategic R&D partners.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Multi-physics modeling
  • CFD, hypersonic flow, turbo-machinery
  • Network science, dynamics of complex systems
  • Data analytics for engineering applications
  • Biomedical system modeling
  • Airborne pollutants flow in urban environments
  • Smart transportation systems