1151058_307842009360071_2101054659_nWe are bringing another stellar group of students into the Fall 2015 Freshman Class of Brock Scholars. The 48 new Brock Scholars include 17 males and 31 females, and represent 38 different high schools in the Southeast. The group also brings some ethnic diversity to the program; almost 19% are non-Caucasian, including five of Asian descent and four African-Americans. The academic credentials continue to be strong; the average ACT Composite is 29.3 and average high school GPA is 3.928. And 80% are bringing in Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment credit, a growing trend among the brightest high school students.



Their proposed majors show wide academic interests among the group:

  • 11 natural and physical sciences
  • 8 social sciences
  • 5 engineering
  • 5 business
  • 7 pre-professional (nursing, education, interior design, pre-PT)
  • 7 humanities
  • 2 fine arts
  • 3 undeclared

These students also have demonstrated strong service, community engagement, and leadership potential, a cornerstone of the Brock Scholars Program. They were class officers, club presidents, athletes, musicians, and founders of organizations. They have served the disadvantaged in their hometowns and abroad, building houses, educating others, and serving as mentors.