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Honors College freshman took to the highways and byways of Chattanooga on Saturday, August 22 to explore their new home. Together with the High-Achieving Mocs freshman, 65 students spent the day participating in the City-as-Text™ program, a national project designed to get students off campus and into the community in a way that allows them to immerse themselves in the city. Students began their day with a panoramic introduction to the City’s

Brock Scholar Wins Gilman Scholarship

Photo of DaiMeshia Seay

DaiMeshia Seay has won the nationally competitive Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, completing a very successful freshman year as a Brock Scholar in the Honors College. Meshia is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Studies, combining her interests in biology, public administration, and business to prepare for a career in health care administration following graduate school. The Gilman Scholarship program was founded in 2000 in honor of retired New York

From the Dean

When I came to Chattanooga in July of 2013, the Brock Scholars Program was thriving, as it has for almost 40 years, and the Honors College was little more than a former provost’s fantasy and a task force report. Once I showed up, we added a new dean to that list. It seemed pretty clear what the College needed to accomplish: the creation of more honors opportunities in order

Freshman Civic Engagement

Each year, a new batch of wide-eyed and slightly panicked freshmen descends upon college towns across the nation. In just four short years these newcomers will become the “citizens of tomorrow,” bravely leading us into the future, but when they arrive they are still strangers in a foreign place who often need a gentle nudge to realize their full potential. Courses are taught in the classroom, credits are earned

Brock Scholars Freshman Class Profile

We are bringing another stellar group of students into the Fall 2015 Freshman Class of Brock Scholars. The 48 new Brock Scholars include 17 males and 31 females, and represent 38 different high schools in the Southeast. The group also brings some ethnic diversity to the program; almost 19% are non-Caucasian, including five of Asian descent and four African-Americans. The academic credentials continue to be strong; the average ACT

A New Brock Scholars Curriculum

As many of you know, we’ve made some significant changes to the curriculum of the Brock Scholars Program. Here’s the what, the how, and the why. Last year I chaired an Honors College committee that took a long look at our curriculum, which had been struggling with some serious challenges. The committee, which included long-time honors faculty, other UTC faculty members, and current Brock Scholars, identified several critical limitations

Staff Changes

Our long-time administrative assistant, Melissa Burchfield, retired on June 30th. Melissa joined the Brock Scholars/UHON staff in 1991. In the intervening years, she earned the Master of Arts degree, taught rhetoric and composition to freshmen at UTC, took art and history classes for her own enjoyment, pursued teacher licensure (in progress), volunteered with a local elementary school and with Bridge Refugee Services, advised and encouraged our honors students, and

Brock Scholars Council 2014-2015 : A Reflection

In the 2014 Academic year, the Brock Scholars Council has gone under a massive transformation from what it was even just a year prior. While still serving its previous event planning functions and serving as the voice for the greater body of Brock Scholars it represented, Council began to take a much greater role in University Honors policy and development. The structure of the body itself underwent great changes

Save the Date: 2nd Annual UTC Honors Homecoming Gala

October 30, 2015! Last year, the UTC Honors College hosted the first ever UTC Honors Homecoming Gala. 50 some Brock/UHON/University Honors alumni (plus partners/spouses/significant buddies) ate hors d’oeuvres, drank drinks, collected funky wine glasses, and spent major catch-up time with their fellow UTC Honors alumni in the beautiful Lindsay Street facility right off campus. We showed pictures of what a renovated Guerry Center Honors College might look like, updated

May Travel Seminar: Budapest and Prague

A River Runs Through It. This was the theme of a tour developed by one group of students as a study of Budapest and Prague, destinations for our May Travel Seminar. There are several similarities between these two riverside cities; each has a hilltop castle complex, a Jewish Quarter with grand synagogues, striking architecture, and famous bridges. Both were once part of the Hapsburg Empire and also share histories