VIDEO0054_0000003603Honors College freshman took to the highways and byways of Chattanooga on Saturday, August 22 to explore their new home. Together with the High-Achieving Mocs freshman, 65 students spent the day participating in the City-as-Text™ program, a national project designed to get students off campus and into the community in a way that allows them to immerse themselves in the city.

IMG_7763 (1)Students began their day with a panoramic introduction to the City’s topography and built environment from the roof of the Electric Power Board parking garage, led by City of Chattanooga Transportation Director Blythe Bailey, before setting off by bus, bike, or foot along designated paths through the city. Their travels took them through many parts of Chattanooga, from Hixson to Highland Park and all points in between. They talked with residents, enjoyed local food, and observed some important virtues and challenges of the City they now call home.

Following their journeys, the students met back at campus and shared their experiences with their peers. City Councilman Moses Freeman and local writer and historian Meghan O’Dea were also in attendance to listen to the group’s reports and share stories and feedback about Chattanooga. Aside from a few mishaps and side adventures, the Freshman left the weekend with a new and better understanding of Chattanooga, many of them full of ideas on how to affect the areas they had visited.