When students, faculty, and staff return from the holiday break, some of our most popular library databases will be sporting a new look. All of the Wilson Web databases have been acquired by Ebsco Information Services and will be transitioned to the EbscoHost search interface at the end of 2011. The content of these databases will remain the same; it is only the look and feel of the search screens that are changing.

Omnifile Full Text Mega and Education FullText are the two most heavily used Wilson databases here at Lupton Library. But to keep everyone aware, here is a complete list of the Wilson Web products that will be changing over the holidays:
• Applied Science and Technology Index
• Art FullText
• Biological and Agricultural Index Plus
• Business FullText
• Education FullText
• General Science FullText
• Humanities and Social Sciences FullText
• Omnifile FullText Mega
• Reader’s Guide

The EbscoHost search interface is not unfamiliar here on the UTC campus. We already subscribe to a number of other Ebsco products like Cinahl, Psycinfo and Historical Abstracts just to name a few. Most of the same search features included in Wilson Web are also available in EbscoHost, they just may be located in slightly different places on the search screens. The screen shot below shows where some of the more commonly used search features are found on the Ebsco interface home screen. Popular limits like Full Text and Peer Reviewed are still there, you just have to look a bit further down the page to find them.

Attention MyWilsonWeb users!
One VERY important thing to be aware of is that anything you have saved in your MyWilsonWeb account will no longer be available to you after the transition. So, if you have article citation lists saved there, be sure and email them to yourself for safekeeping ASAP so you can have them for your records in the future. If you have article alerts set up, you can create new ones on the EbscoHost platform once the migration has been finalized.

The new Ebsco interface

The new Ebsco interface