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From Suffrage to Congress on Display in Special Collections

Visit our new exhibit! Explore the contributions of women in politics in Chattanooga through a new display from Special Collections, From Suffrage to Congress: Chattanooga Women at the Polls and in the House. Learn more about Chattanooga’s vital role in the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted women the right to vote in 1920 as well as the pioneering efforts of Marilyn Lloyd, the first

New Digital Resources from Special Collections

Welcome back! As we kick off the new academic year, Special Collections is pleased to announce the following new digital resources! Chattanooga Oral Histories The Chattanooga Oral Histories digital collection features interviews with members of the community in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Topics include the transition of Chattanooga from the polluted Dynamo of Dixie to Gig City, past and present race relations in the city, and the Golden Gateway project. Thomas

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Celebrate National Radio Day with Luther Masingill

Celebrate National Radio Day on August 20, 2018 by listening to an interview with longtime Chattanooga broadcaster Luther Masingill, whose long career meant that he was one the air during the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor AND September 11, when the Twin Towers were hit. As a young man, Luther worked the night shift at WDEF, and first signed on the air on New Year’s Eve in

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Intern Perspectives: Aleece Taylor

This blog post was authored by Aleece Taylor, an intern in the Library’s Special Collections unit from the UTC Department of English in Spring 2018. When making my decision on an internship, I wanted to seek out an unfamiliar field that would challenge me. Many affiliated with the English department might desire to write and publish for their internship (and career), but I wanted to try a different direction

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Intern Perspectives: Sara Matthews

This blog post was authored by Sara Matthews, an intern in the Library’s Special Collections unit from the UTC Department of History in Spring 2018. My intent for the my summer internship was to gain academic experience working with primary and useful secondary sources. Prior to starting my internship with the UTC Special Collections, I expected to have access to interesting dated materials and to enjoy rummaging through them.

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