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Smithsonian Collections Online: Rare Treasures

We’ve all heard of the Smithsonian, but did you know that some of their museum collections can now be viewed online? Digitized primary source materials from deep within the museums, libraries, and archives of the world’s largest museum and research complex are now available in searchable formats to supplement your academic work or indulge your personal interests. Currently available collections include: Evolution of Flight (1784-1991) Trade Literature and Merchandizing of

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Dissertations & Theses Global Full Text

Comprehensive research often requires some deep digging. This digging can often lead to theses and dissertations, which are notoriously hard to get your hands on. The UTC Library now offers ProQuest’s Dissertations & Theses Global Full Text! This database includes full text for 1.7 million doctoral dissertations and master’s theses (with citations dating back to 1861). More than 3,000 graduate schools worldwide contribute works in the humanities, social sciences,

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Introducing the Social Science Premium Collection from ProQuest!

Culling articles from political science and policy, education, criminal justice, linguistics, and other social science disciplines, Social Science Premium Collection is a trove for researchers. Books, articles, case studies, conference papers and proceedings, and dissertations and theses are just some of the types of information available to you via this database. Explore Social Science Premium Collection Check out some of these titles: World Politics (Cambridge University Press) features full-text

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Introducing ProQuest Central, a large multi-subject database with over 19,000 full text titles!

Got some business research that needs doing?  How about research in STEM fields or the social sciences?  Education? Humanities?  Do you need a variety of source types like news, peer-reviewed articles, multimedia, magazine articles, and more?  Did your professor tell you to find “credible” sources?  Then ProQuest Central multi-subject database is for you! One of the most notable features of ProQuest Central is its large variety of newspapers from

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Announcing National Geographic Magazine Archive (1888 – 1994)

In 1888, the nonprofit National Geographic Society whose focus was “to increase, and diffuse geographic knowledge,” began publishing a magazine reflective of its mostly professional members. That initial publication included scholarly articles such as ‘Classification of Geographic Forms’ and not one photograph. In the intervening one and a quarter century, the National Geographic Magazine evolved to become an iconic publication featuring the best of photojournalism and cartography worldwide. Explore

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