It’s National Poetry Month! In keeping with a recently established tradition, we’re holding our 3rd Annual Haiku Contest.

What the what is a haiku?
A three line poem consisting of 5 syllables on line one, 7 on line two, and 5 on line three. It doesn’t have to rhyme. But it does have to be awesome.

Sweet. How do I enter?
Entry forms will be available in three locations: the Printer Station, the Circulation Desk, and the Information Desk – all on the first floor. Write your original haiku on the front side of the form and fill out your contact info on the back side.

How do I get my masterpiece to you?
Drop your form in the designated box at the 1st floor Information Desk.

I work best under pressure. When’s it due?
Entries must be turned in by Monday April 22nd.

What’s in it for me?
Winner receives $50 Amazon gift card! Winning entry announced Wednesday April 24th.

What if I finished finals – are you going to internet stalk me?
Maybe. But you want to know if you won, right? So don’t forget to fill out your contact info.