A Long, Long Time Ago….we can still remember how the music used to make us smile……

Has your favorite performer or band played at UTC? Deep within the University Archives are concert posters and flyers from the 1980s and 1990s, of the many music performers and bands that have played the Roundhouse since it opened in the early 1980s. We’ve seen a lot: Rock and hard-rock, country and western, funk, rhythm and blues, folk, and easy listening.  Whatever your popular music preference is, we’ve probably had someone from that genre play here.  Our summer exhibit, “They Played the Roundhouse:  Concert Posters and Flyers from the 1980s and 1990s” reveal some of the performers and bands that have played here, giving us a good look at who was popular back when.  Come take a look- you may find your favorite band!  You may still be a fan, you may not be, and you may not wish to admit you ever were.  But here they are, in all their 1980s and ‘90s big-hair glory- the stars with staying power, the has beens and  the never-weres, the flash-in-the-pans, and those whose success still baffles us all.  Come up to take a look and beat those Summertime Blues!

They Played The Roundhouse

(Poster designed by Bo Baker)

The exhibit can be viewed in the Special Collections in Lupton Library, on the 2nd floor, and will run throughout the summer. The Special Collections is normally open from 9:00 – 4:30, Monday-Friday.  For more information, call 425-2186.