Josh Cash

This smiling face will take care of all your Circulation Desk needs

Meet Josh Cash, the new Circulation Day Supervisor at UTC Library. A Rossville, GA native with an English undergraduate degree from UGA, he comes to us from the Chattanooga Public Library. When prompted as to his interest in libraries, Josh replies, simply: Jorge Luis Borges (our personal favorite: The Book of Imaginary Beings). We’re glad to have him aboard. And now – our ongoing “10 questions” segment, where we ask only the hard hitting questions:

01. When was the last time you were scared by something, but deep down knew you shouldn’t have been?

I always think about all the deadly things that can happen to your brain every time I get a headache or a migraine. Brain stuff freaks me out.

02. The title track from the soundtrack of your life would be _____.

I’m going to invoke Johnny Cash for this one.  We’re distantly related. “One Piece at a Time” is a charming song about a gentleman who smuggles car parts out of a Cadillac factory over a span of 20 years. He ends up with this mutant “psychobilly Cadillac.” The car runs fine and is the talk of the town. I identify with that. My schemes start out slow and steady and sometimes end up a little bonkers but they usually work out in the end and have style of their own.

03. The zombie/vampire/creature-of-your-choice apocalypse has arrived. Who’s got your back?

It’s a dinosaur apocalypse. John Williams and a small brass section follow me around in a jeep while playing Jurassic Park music.

04. You find 10 spare minutes in your day. What do you do with them?

I’m going to pretend this gives me a superpower of having 10 minutes added into my typical day. Everyone else has 24 hour days, but I get 24 hours and 10 minutes each day. I can use it to freeze time throughout the day but only for up to 10 minutes. I mostly end up wasting it on sleeping longer.

05. What question irritates you the most during a job interview?

I don’t think I’ve gotten anything too irritating during an interview. I do hate those online 50-100 question job application tests designed to screen out everyone but robots and liars.

06. Name an experience you would like to have again for the first time.

I’d love to revisit a Christmas from my days as a youngin’. Let’s say Christmas 1995.

07. Find the closest book to you. Choose any adjective & combine it with the last name of the book’s author. Incorporate the new name into the title of an action film.

There’s a water damaged book by Susan Ware in my office. So am I doing this for an existing movie?  “An American Warewolf in London.” Here’s a new title:  “Doom Merchant: Deadly Wares”.

08. What is the acceptable maximum punishment for someone caught cutting in line?

They should probably just get sent to the back of the line. That sort of thing never really irritated me. I’ve noticed the “Students First” signs all over campus. I keep expecting some youngin’ to break line in front of faculty/staff while saying “Excuse me, yes, students first, students first.”

09. If you could have a prop from any movie or TV show, what would it be?

I have to go with the mounted deer head that laughs at Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2. It would be a bonus if I could hook it up to animate and laugh. In fact, it would be ideal if I could get that whole haunted living room set up in my office and then all my furniture could laugh on cue when I interview or have meetings. I’ll talk to Anna about that.

10. Which Golden Girl are you (& why)?

I’ve never watched The Golden Girls. I’ve deduced from YouTube that Rose’s style of ridiculous naïve comedy is closest to my own. Betty White using sock puppets to make fun of her roommates is hilarious. Definitely Rose.


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