In Fall 2013, Krystal announced that it would be donating a collection of memorabilia, newsletters, clippings, and records to Special Collections & University Archives to “to encourage study of one of Chattanooga’s most successful brands.” Since then, we’ve been hard at work organizing the collection to make it accessible to our researchers.

Along the way, we’ve encountered some interesting finds, including…

Krystal newspaper article

October 12, 1932 newspaper article announcing the construction of the first Krystal restaurant in Chattanooga.


Krystal burgers advertisement.

Advertisement for Krystal burgers.


Krystal license plate

License plate from the Krystal memorabilia and records collection.


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Hyder, Kurt. 1984. Design principles and applications in a corporate trade-mark : The Krystal Company. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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