Learning Express Library, a fantastic resource accessible through the UTC Library, includes test preparation, computer software instruction, and career tools. This resource has now moved to a new platform, which requires any users with accounts on the previous platforms to create new accounts. The database can be accessed here  or via LearningExpress Library in the database drop down menu from the UTC Library homepage search box.

Here are some changes on the new platform:

  • The Personal Finance e-book is currently not in 3.0
  • The elementary, middle and high school centers are now combined into the School Center.
  • The GED Center is now the High School Equivalency Center
  • There are 3 different ways to take a test:
  1. Learner mode: shows the answers as you go.
  2. Practice mode: most like 2.0; see the answers at the end, nothing bad happens when time is up.
  3. Simulation mode: now the timer counts! The test ends when time is up.

Video tutorials are available here.