Wondering if you should visit the Writing & Communication Center this semester? We think you should! At the WCC, you can talk about your paper, speech or presentation—at any stage of your process—with a friendly, trained peer consultant. But you don’t have to take our word for it! In fact, this semester 98% of our post-tutorial surveys indicated that the student would recommend the WCC to a friend!

Keep reading to find out why students come to the WCC:

  • I loved the welcoming atmosphere.
  • I really appreciate the help. Since English is not my first language, I have some difficulty with writing and understanding some papers. The writing center is making me understand more and learn more about the English language.
  • It can be hard trying to seek help in college, but my consultant made me feel comfortable. I would come back in a heartbeat!
  • My consultant was such a nice person. She didn’t write the paper for me, but she made sure I was on the right track
  • My consultant made some really great suggestions, like reading my paper out loud so that we would both catch errors
  • Writing is a private process for the most part, so being able to rely on another student to review my work is nice. The atmosphere is open and non-judgmental, which lead to an overall great experience. I am very likely to return for help with future assignments.
  • I was a little nervous coming in that my paper would be torn apart, but I really appreciated the positive support I received.
  • My consultant made sure to help me but allowed me to find the answers on my own as opposed to giving me the answers I was searching for.
  • My consultant was exceptional. Her help really helped flesh more of my own ideas out and consolidate what I was really trying to say.
  • I came in with little information or completion on my paper and my consultant helped me draw out a plan to execute. I am very satisfied, impressed, and I will be returning!
  • My consultant really knew how to communicate with me as a student.
  • Talking out loud to someone who understands writing helped me get the thoughts out better.