The UTC Library now has access to nearly 100 ebooks on JSTOR.

Complete List of JSTOR eBooks at UTC Access JSTOR

Some Highlights:

Spectacular Girls Book Cover

Spectacular Girls: Media Fascination and Celebrity Culture explores both the adoration and disdain in the treatment of women in film, television, the news, and on the Internet.

Turtle as Hopeful Monsters Book Covers

Turtles as Hopeful Monsters: Origins and Evolution traces the evolutionary story of the turtle, taking advantage of a nearly 200 year long history of research and the latest paleontological discoveries.


Beauty of Mars Book Cover

Mars: The Pristine Beauty of the Red Planet features some of the most striking images of our neighboring planet’s natural landscape.

How to Watch Television Book Cover

How To Watch Television contains forty critical essays on how to understand a wide variety of television programming.

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