Stop by the Roth Grand Reading Room on the 4th floor of the library (LIB 402) to check out the newest exhibition from Special Collections, “The Campus Library: Supporting Research and Scholarship Since 1886.” Coinciding with the library’s 5th year of operation in its current building, this retrospective features a timeline detailing the history of the campus library and an assortment of promotional materials and photographs from years past. You are sure to learn something and walk away with an even greater appreciation for the structure we have today.

Additionally, after browsing the exhibition, you’ll be well-prepared to test your knowledge with the Library’s Buzzfeed Quiz, “How much do you really know about the history of the UTC Library?”.


A description of the library from the 1895 course catalog

A description of the library from the 1895 course catalog.


A photograph of the cornerstone for Fletcher Hall being laid

This photograph of the cornerstone being laid for Fletcher Hall–one of the campus library’s former homes–appeared in the University Echo.


A page from the 1977 University Echo describing the features of the University Library

The multimedia opportunities available for students in the 1970s looked a lot different than those offered by the library today.

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