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Road2 trip planner, available at http://www.rechargeamerica.net/progs/road2/road2.html an application which can eliminate the fear of running out of charge for electric vehicle customers, thus broadening the EV market. A vehicle may have an advertised range of 100 miles, but if you take into consideration driving up a mountain, bad weather, or any number of other adverse conditions, it could be as low as 50 miles or over 150 miles in unusually good conditions.

Road2 is a free program developed by Celadon Applications, LLC and available on the internet. The program is set to run with the Tesla Roadster EV but allows users to customize a particular EV. The Nissan LEAF was programmed into the simulation (data available on project website). The simulation uses Google Earth to incorporate speed limits, elevation change, and traffic patterns in order to provide accurate results. Also, the program takes into accounts the power used from the vehicles’ electronics and air conditioning system.

 Three simulations were preformed with Road2 for the Nissan LEAF.

UTC Student Profile:
Home to UTC to Home to Downtown (work/entertainment) to Home
Home: Centralized Location in 18 Suburbs
UTC: 615 McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, TN
Downtown: Intersection Market St and 4th St Chattanooga, TN

 Table 1


Shopping Profile:
Home to Hamilton Place Mall to North Shore Shops to Northgate Mall to Home (order dependent on Home location)
Home:  Centralized Location in 18 Suburbs
Hamilton Place Mall: 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd Chattanooga, TN
North Shore Shops: 330 Frazier Ave Chattanooga, TN
Northgate Mall: 271 Northgate Mall Chattanooga, TN

 Table 2


Interstate Driving: Travel to and from major cities surrounding Chattanooga.

 Table 3


From these simulations, it can be concluded that the Nissan LEAF can travel at least 50 miles (average of 61 miles)
on a single full charge driving in or around the City of Chattanooga. However, for faster driving on interstate freeways the EV can travel at least 39 miles (average of 44 miles) on a full charge. Even though the cost of these trips is considerable small compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, this low mileage on interstate travel will nearly double the total trip time when including vehicle recharging times.

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