UTC Web Services provides UTC Blogs as a service to UTC departments, colleges, faculty and select student projects.

UTC Blogs run on a WordPress MultiSite server, a system apart from the main UTC Website (www.utc.edu), which runs on a CMS, Drupal.

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About UTC Blogs

This introductory blog contains demonstration content to document the features of the UTC Blogs WordPress Theme, which is based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a powerful user interface suite that combines the following technologies:

  • HTML5 Responsive Design for cross-platform compatibility and accessibility
  • Mobile-First Design for beautiful display on phones and tablets
  • LESS/CSS Cascading Style Sheets for page design and ease of maintenance
  • JQuery UI and Bootstrap UI Javascript for interactive user interface elements

With some study and training, UTC Bloggers can create beautiful, accessible and interactive WordPress weblogs.

Examine the possibilities by following the various menu items near the top of this page.

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