Gary W. Rollins College of Business Faculty Recognized with Teaching and Research Awards

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Multiple faculty members within the Gary W. Rollins College of Business have been recognized at the university and college levels for their outstanding commitment to teaching and research. View the complete list of awards below. UTAA Outstanding Teacher Awards: Lisa Burke-Smalley, Hunter Holzhauer Outstanding Teaching Award: Andrea Neely Lifetime Research and Creative Achievement Award: Mohammad Ahmadi Outstanding Lecturer Teaching Award: Ryan Russell Rollins College of Business Research Award: M.

Christopher R. Plouffe Appointed to the New Gary W. Rollins Endowed Chair in Sales at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Christopher R. Plouffe has been appointed to the new Gary W. Rollins Endowed Chair in Sales in the Gary W. Rollins College of Business at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Plouffe is the first appointment to the Sales Chair position which was established as part of the historic $40 million gift made by Gary W. and Kathleen Rollins to the college in 2018. In this role, Plouffe will

Avoiding Burnout: A Guide for Online Students that Work from Home

The discomfort many people report feeling after long periods of staying home during the pandemic has received an official name from UCLA Health. They call it pandemic fatigue. Sometimes, people may describe their symptoms as an unexplained feeling of persistent sadness, anxiety, or even work from home burnout. Either way, it comes from months of unrelenting uncertainty, worries, and even loneliness and isolation. Keeping busy doesn’t always stave it off. People

Is an MBA the Ticket to a Career in Product Management?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, effective product managers have the opportunity to develop their careers into rewarding occupations. Prospective product managers may also anticipate demand for this occupation to grow at a faster-than-normal rate when compared with other kinds of jobs. All sorts of companies, from media to manufacturing, find this position critical for growth in a competitive business environment. Find out more about this challenging but

8 Tips for Motivation for Online Students

Online college degrees make it easier for busy working adults and non-traditional students to complete their education. Many traditional students also find the online format to be liberating as they pursue work and school at the same time. Yet how do you stay motivated in online classes? When you don’t have a professor in a classroom making sure you’re getting everything done, and when you’re studying from home where other

Top 10 Books Every MBA Student Should Read

As an MBA student, a robust library is helpful on your degree-seeking journey. Books on business can help you in your research for projects and papers and give you a reference at home when you can’t make it to the library. Yet if you’re going to invest in a book, you want to make sure it’s going to be an asset for your studies and your business future. Here

8 Virtual Interview Tips for Business Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many things online, and job interviews are yet another thing that has gone virtual. If you are entering the job market during this strange year, you are going to need to be able to not only ace your interview, but to ace it in a new format. While interviewing skills are similar no matter the manner the interview takes place, there are a few

Kimberly Thomas Named Director of the Joseph F. Decosimo Success Center in UTC’s Gary W. Rollins College of Business

UTC’s Gary W. Rollins College of Business has named Kimberly Thomas as the new Director of the Joseph F. Decosimo Success Center in the UTC Gary W. Rollins College of Business. Since 2013, the Decosimo Success Center has provided students in the Rollins College of Business with academic advising and career development as well as hands-on, professional experiences, career events and student programming like internships, externships, mock interviews, resume

Choosing an MBA Program: What is a Concentration?

By Guest Blogger: Brianna Gill, Gary W. Rollins College of Business Graduate Programs Office A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC) Gary W. Rollins College of Business helps students to gain the skills needed to achieve their career aspirations. When choosing your MBA degree program, however, it is important to consider the specifics pertaining to the coursework and how it will aid

Is An MBA Degree Right for the Non-Business Undergraduate?

By Guest Blogger: Brianna Gill, Gary W. Rollins College of Business Graduate Programs Office Pursuing an MBA may seem daunting for many students who did not major in business during their undergraduate studies.  However, according to, “An MBA can further your career goals, whether your undergraduate degree is in music, medicine, engineering, or liberal arts.” Non-business undergrads can benefit from advancing their education with training from a MBA