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Important Benefits of Sleep for MBA Students

Although good sleep habits are vital for people of all ages and all stages of life, the importance of sleep for college students simply cannot be underestimated. This is particularly true for MBA students who must devote a considerable amount of time to their studies and often have extremely tight schedules. When you have a lot on your plate, it may be tempting to sacrifice a few hours of sleep. It’s

Famous CEO MBAs: How Leaders Are Made During Grad School

The MBA is notorious for its ability to spur impressive career growth among a variety of professionals. The degree is especially common among CEOs, who regularly praise it for granting them the theoretical knowledge and leadership skills needed to succeed in a demanding role. Despite having dramatically different personal and professional backgrounds, CEOs from famous companies demonstrate that an MBA can make a world of difference. Do I Need an MBA

9 Reasons Healthcare Workers Should Earn an MBA

Working in healthcare can go beyond providing patient care. In fact, understanding the business side of healthcare can expand your career path and provide you with other benefits. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree offers a great way to move your career in a different direction. With an MBA, you also have the option to consider taking on a leadership or management role in healthcare. Learning more

10 Effective Job Search Strategies for 2022

Finding a job in this digital age is different than it was even a few years ago. Recruiters would qualify candidates over the phone before moving on to a second or third interview in person. Today, even fewer people meet in person at any stage of the process. This is quickly turning into the “new normal,” and you should expect to experience this extra step for your future job searches. Adapting to

7 Valuable Reasons to Watch Shark Tank During Your MBA

The TV show Shark Tank has been entertaining audiences for several years and winning multiple Emmy Awards along the way. The show has entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of investors or “sharks.” These sharks decide whether to invest in each entrepreneur’s idea and provide feedback, such as ways to improve the product or business presentation. Is watching Shark Tank worth it? As an MBA student, Shark Tank can teach you some valuable tips that you can use in

5 Important Strategies to Implement for a Successful MBA Program

Earning your Master of Business Administration (MBA) brings with it a number of career advantages. With an MBA, you can comfortably apply to more lucrative job opportunities, and an MBA can help you stand apart from the competition when applying to those jobs. Employers typically look for job applicants who have this advanced degree, since it means you’ve put in the time and effort to earn it as you developed

5 Major Benefits of Earning Your MBA Right After Your Undergrad Degree

Upon graduating with your bachelor’s degree, you can either focus on pursuing a career or on earning an advanced degree. Choosing to earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree immediately after finishing undergrad can be a smart decision. What makes this such a good option? Here are some of the most important benefits to diving into an MBA program right after undergrad.   No Break in Your Education Although you can put off earning your MBA,

Networking on LinkedIn - 5 Tips to Make Great Connections  

Whether you are still in school or working in the career of your choice, the importance of professional networking simply cannot be overestimated.   In the past, networking outreach often took the form of handwritten letters and face-to-face office visits. These traditional forms of networking may still have a place in the modern business environment, but in the wake of the digital revolution, more and more networking activity is taking place online. And

How Moving Your Body Helps You Succeed as an MBA Student 

It’s no secret that exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. But while this advice is repeated often enough to feel cliché, the people who stand to benefit most from physical activity also struggle the most to build it into their daily lives.  This is a clear problem for today’s MBA students, who, while juggling a variety of tasks and deadlines, often let exercise fall by the wayside. This is a huge mistake, however, as a lack of physical activity can

5 Supportive Hobbies to Try While Working on Your MBA  

We all know that some of life’s most valuable lessons occur outside of the classroom environment. We have also been told time and again of the importance of extracurriculars, leading us to load our college applications and professional resumes with a long list of skill-building and character-building activities.    But can our hobbies contribute to our academic success and career advancement by making us better students? And if so, how do our hobbies apply specifically to graduate-level business studies?    Whether you