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A New Normal: How Remote Work is Becoming More Popular Among College Students and Recent College Graduates

Remote work is becoming more popular for college students while they are earning their degree and after graduation. This change was imminent, but fast-tracked by a global pandemic that forced our workforce to adapt. So why is it growing in popularity? Employers are offering more remote opportunities Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to some of the fastest internet in the world and was recently named the #1 Best Work-from-Home City

7 Ways Getting an MBA Will Benefit Your Employer

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It’s simple to see that obtaining an MBA can benefit you. Having a higher degree typically means a more extensive skill set, higher pay, and better job opportunities. However, how does getting an MBA benefit your employer? How Will an MBA Benefit My Company? Actually, when you improve your professional appeal, it has a direct impact on your company’s appeal as well, which is something most employers can benefit from equally.

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Rollins College of Business Announces Recipients of the Excellence in Research Awards for Fall 2020

Congratulations to the recipients of the Gary W. Rollins College of Business Excellence in Research Awards. The award winners for Fall 2020 are: Navid Aghakhani Sami Dakhlia Dutch Fayard Hemant Jain Nai Lamb David Locander Christopher Plouffe Philip Roundy Nilesh Sah Surani Nishani Vincent Claudia Williamson For more details about their individual publications, visit: The Rollins College of Business Excellence in Research Awards program was established to support

11 Job Search Tips for MBA Students, Updated for 2021

As a result of a global pandemic in 2020 and the ensuing economic downturn, the job market looks a lot different today than it did a year or two ago.  That trend could continue.  The market is flooded with job seekers—some of whom have significant industry experience. Current or prospective MBA students could be feeling apprehensive about what happens when they complete their degrees. What are the best ways to stand out

College congratulates Gary W. Rollins on being named one of the Most Admired CEOs of 2020

Gary W. Rollins, Chairman and CEO of Rollins, Inc. and naming donor of the UTC Gary W. Rollins College of Business, was honored as one of 2020’s Most Admired CEOs by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The awards, presented virtually in December, honored Atlanta-based CEOs with a strong record of innovation, outstanding financial performance, and commitment to diversity in the workplace, who have made significant contributions to the metro community.

Are You a New MBA student? Here’s How to Have a Successful First Year

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Students who are beginning an MBA program are embarking on a new adventure. Not only are they preparing to take on graduate-level coursework that will help them further their careers and allow them to accomplish their professional goals, but they also are often balancing that degree program with their existing responsibilities. Many MBA students are professionals who have full-time jobs, or parents who have young children at home. Given the unique challenges that they may face, it

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How to Tell Your Boss That You’re Going Back to School for an MBA

Are you considering going back to school for an MBA? One of the questions many working professionals have about going back to school is how to talk to their boss about their plans for self-improvement. Below, you’ll find answers to your top questions about talking to your employer about going back to school for an MBA. Should You Tell Your Employer You’re Going Back to School? In all but the most extreme circumstances, yes, you should tell your boss you’re going back

11 MBA Podcasts Every Student Should Listen To

Podcasts have become the new platform to attract attention across the country and across industries. Nearly a third of Americans report that they listen to podcasts at least once per month. These on-demand channels can cover a wealth of information, with people turning to podcasts for everything from news to entertainment to business strategy. In an effective, rigorous MBA program, every student will need to acquire a wealth of information. They need to equip themselves

Students are Discovering the Benefits to Online Learning

Online programs started popping up as options about a decade ago. At first, this alternative form of education was met with some skepticism. Now, online learning is not only incredibly popular, but it’s also preferred by many students who want to earn a degree. Listed below are some of the surprising, and often overlooked, benefits of online learning: You Can Earn Your Degree on Your Own Time Traditional degree programs often require you to

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10 Netflix Shows & Movies Every MBA Student Must See

I believe that some movies and shows give us a window to look out at the world in new ways. Peering through these windows, I see the diversity of ideas and culture in the world. I understand why ever-expanding my horizons with an open mind is so critical for personal and professional growth. And I know that I’ve spent my time wisely. I learned something that can make my life better. As an

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