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7 Great Brain Foods to Keep Around the House While You’re Pursuing Your MBA

Berries, bananas, grains, dark chocolate around tiles that spell the word "brain"

Eating the right kinds of foods is a great way to stay physically healthy, but nutrition is also important when it comes to academic performance. In fact, the foods you eat on a regular basis can play a big role in how well you do at school. Certain foods that support brain health, known as brain foods, should be part of your diet. These foods can help you retain information, better understand the material

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Five Famous People Who Have Also Earned an MBA

Man standing on a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Many perceive money and fame to be the ultimate indicators of success. However, for many celebrities who have already acquired notoriety and wealth, success is measured differently—it is through education.   If you are interested in earning an MBA to further your career, you may be surprised to find out that, in this way, you are just as successful as these celebrities. Below are a few notable celebrities who have

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7 Twitter Accounts Every MBA Student Should Follow 

Man in blue shirt using mobile phone

Keeping up on current events such as world and local economics and international affairs can arm you with tools and information for success in the future. With all the noise in social media, it can be a challenge to find unbiased and factual news outlets to keep up on current affairs. Add on a busy schedule from your career and earning an MBA, it can seem almost impossible to

10 Exciting Fields—Outside of Business—You Can Enter with Your MBA

A medical doctor and a business person sit at a table with a laptop computer.

Those interested in pursuing an MBA often wonder about the jobs available to them upon graduation. Aside from preparing graduates in the fundamentals of business—sales, finance, mergers, growth, etc.—the degree itself offers the chance to dive into interesting management and leadership roles. At UTC, our MBA graduates are prepared for a wide range of jobs and industries. This degree can open the door to extraordinary opportunities that stretch far beyond the traditional business setting. Those interested in pursuing work outside normal business parameters should

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9 Reasons Why 2021 is the Perfect Year to Earn Your MBA

Female MBA student in tweed dress walking along a campus colonnade.

Going back to school to earn an MBA can help you open the doors to the career you want and get you started on the path to success. While an MBA degree can hold tremendous benefits for students at any point in their careers, there are a number of reasons why 2021 is the right time to go back to school to pursue this valuable degree. If you’ve been

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The Inspiring Women with MBAs that You Need to Know

Students who pursue and earn a Master’s in Business Administration are prepared and often poised to do great things in both their careers and their personal lives. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a flexible and adaptable graduate degree program that offers significant insights applicable to nearly every field. It can also provide the skills needed to pursue leadership roles down the line. For many years, MBA programs were largely male

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Five Exciting Professional Sports Management Jobs to Pursue with Your MBA

UTC basketball player shoots while guarded by Samford players.

For many, the thrill of professional sports is palpable. Their lives almost seem to revolve around the successes and failures of their favorite teams. What many might not know is that the business side of the industry can be just as invigorating. The strategic business moves off the field are often just as critical—and potentially as exciting—as the game on the field. Behind every successful franchise lies a team

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Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy drops in on marketing class after professor’s successful Twitter campaign

Social media can be an effective tool to persuade, educate, and spur people to action. Marketing Professor Ryan Russell recently demonstrated that power to his students by using Twitter to persuade Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy to drop by a class via Zoom. Catch the full video here.  It began when Russell asked his students who they would most want to hear as a guest speaker. “Dave Portnoy of

A New Normal: How Remote Work is Becoming More Popular Among College Students and Recent College Graduates

Remote work is becoming more popular for college students while they are earning their degree and after graduation. This change was imminent, but fast-tracked by a global pandemic that forced our workforce to adapt. So why is it growing in popularity? Employers are offering more remote opportunities Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to some of the fastest internet in the world and was recently named the #1 Best Work-from-Home City

7 Ways Getting an MBA Will Benefit Your Employer

Employee receives recognition from coworkers.

It’s simple to see that obtaining an MBA can benefit you. Having a higher degree typically means a more extensive skill set, higher pay, and better job opportunities. However, how does getting an MBA benefit your employer? How Will an MBA Benefit My Company? Actually, when you improve your professional appeal, it has a direct impact on your company’s appeal as well, which is something most employers can benefit from equally.

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