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Debunking the Myth that “Top CEOs don’t come out of HR”

COB Blog by Dr. Lisa Burke August 2013 Debunking the Myth that “Top CEOs don’t come out of HR” HR departments have come under fire in the practitioner literature for being compliance-obsessed, solely operationally focused, and unable to function effectively at the executive table. Perhaps some of these criticisms are deserved, especially for certain incumbents, although we should acknowledge that some possess no formal HR training/education, paltry staffs, meager

Guest Blog: Big Data in the Gigabit City and Implications for UTC

Growth of Data As I was starting to write this blog, a colleague from the Marketing Department sent me an interesting article about The Moore’s Law of Big Data with some really interesting examples of the enormous size and scope of big data.  It seems that this famous law, which influenced many aspects of information technology and electronics for the almost five decades, can also be used to govern

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Guest Blog: What’s a CLO?

There is another C-suite executive role in the mix, the Chief Learning Officer, or CLO. Often people wonder what this role entails since it is relatively new-ish to the mix of C-suite positions. Organizations that value learning, building leadership talent, and fostering employee development – really value it, not just give it lip service – are more apt to house such a position. CLOs are a hallmark feature of

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