Written by Madi Taylor, Rollins College of Business Senior

Madi Taylor, Senior, Marketing

A day in the life of a Rollins College of Business student starts off with coffee, of course! Internships are a part of our education, so I work 12-15 hours a week in the Communications and Marketing Department on campus getting real work experience in a university marketing office. My classes are Monday-Thursday and include classes like Professional Selling, Consumer Behavior, and Integrated Marketing Communications. I am also part of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council which has allowed me to be present at events like the Rollins Naming Gift Celebration where we celebrated our $40 million gift to become the Gary W. Rollins College of Business. I was able to assist in running the social media for this event! I was also able to be the Promotions Chair for the university Homecoming Committee which was a great thing to add to my resume as a Marketing major. My advice to an incoming freshman would be: get involved as soon as you can!

I am so thankful UTC has pushed me to grow and expand out of my comfort zone, do things I never thought I would, and succeed in the process. I have met some of the best people at this school along the way that have helped push me this far and build me up. From May 2019 forward I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be, but the Rollins College of Business has definitely helped me and given me all of the resources I needed to get to graduation. My professors have been preparing me for the job hunt that I will (very soon) have to begin. The staff in the Decosimo Success Center have prepared me to find a job with interview and resume workshops, reflection exercises, and more. Although I’m not exactly ready to part ways with UTC, I will always be a MOC!

Dean’s Student Advisory Council students with Gary W. and Kathleen Rollins

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  1. Irene Hillman says:

    Madi, you should know we love our alumna to stay involved 🙂 Thanks for being a great student.

  2. Peter Jose says:

    Great read Madi… Reminded me of my MBA days kicking it off with Timmy Hortons coffee in the lake effect winters of Buffalo, NY….

  3. Chris Button says:

    Coffee is very important in life

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