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New Current Access to Science Online!

The UTC Library is now pleased to offer Science online in its entirety, including the current year! Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science is one of the highest impact publications in the sciences.  It encompasses all scientific fields including astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, optics, neuroscience, and human health and reaches an estimated global readership of more than one million. Science has published the research

Slithering Online: Our Newest Digital Collection

It’s been a long time coming, but we are very excited to announce the launch of our newest digital collection, The Hood-Williamson Digital Collection on Serpent Handlers of Southern Appalachia.  The Hood-Williamson archives, held in the Special Collections of the library, is a very important and unique collection of primary source videos documenting the serpent handling churches of Southern Appalachia.  The videos see quite a bit of in-house use

A Blooming Hobby

  [Editor’s Note: We like to unleash our awesome student assistant on the blog at least once a semester & now’s the time!  Please welcome our guest author, Noelle Boggs.] Over the last few weeks, I have been sifting through, organizing, and researching the William Crutchfield Collection here at the Special Collections. This collection consists of over 400 watercolor paintings of wildflowers that grow in the Southeast. Needless to

New Additions to Old Collections

While many collections come to a repository in one deposit, others tend to trickle in bit by bit.  Still others seem complete until a donor pops up with a few more things to add to his/her collection.  Just this month, we have had very interesting collection additions from two different donors. One of our most heavily used collections is the Hood-Williamson Archives on the Serpent Handlers of Southern Appalachia. 

The Monkey’s Paw

Happy Halloween!  We would like to close out this ghoulish season with a ghastly little illustration by Barry Moser from The Monkey’s Paw–a short story in the compilation Great Ghost Stories.  The Monkey’s Paw draws upon the classic scenario of a talisman that grants 3 wishes to the bearer.  While 3 wishes sounds nice and all, horrible things happen in order for the wishes to be fulfilled.  Want to