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First Harvest!

Today we did some work in the garden today and the plants are coming along really nicely.  We were especially surprised  by how well the radishes have done and we gathered a nice little harvest!

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The Garden is Sprouting!

We planted seeds a few weeks ago and a healthy dose of rain has led to some quick growth!  My assistant Matt and I along with a student volunteer spent Friday afternoon thinning out and transferring some of the seedlings because there were so many.  At this rate we should have a pretty generous harvest by the end of the fall semester.  I will be posting some pictures this week of

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A Visit to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank!

The very first sustainability workshop on January 20th was a visit to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.   It was an incredibly informative afternoon which provided valuable insight for the campus raised bed garden.  The student growers, Monika, and Maggie were led by Jane Maudlin on a tour of the food bank and their community raised bed garden, the Evelyn Navarre Davenport Teaching Garden. It is a joint endeavor with the

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