All UTC Online classes will migrate to the new version of Blackboard beginning with Summer 2011 classes. Access to these courses for instructors will begin in April 2011.

While UTC Online had tentatively scheduled moving to Blackboard Learn 9.1 for Spring 2011 classes, UTC Online administrators decided to hold off on migrating due to the following reasons discovered during the Fall 2010 pilot:

  • Identification of multiple issues and bugs in the current release (some major, some minor)
  • The need to turn off new functionality in order to prevent certain issues from occurring (thus losing some functionality)
  • An estimated four (4) Blackboard software updates scheduled between now and the beginning of Summer 2011 classes; each update contains multiple bug fixes and product enhancements

By waiting until Summer 2011, UTC Online hopes to provide an optimal online learning environment with as few bugs and as much functionality as possible.

We are continuing pilot testing of the new Blackboard version during the Spring 2011 semester. If you are interested in participating in the pilot, please contact with the class(es) you would like to pilot.