In three weeks, UTC Online will transition to the new Blackboard version for our campus. All Summer 2011 classes will be hosted on the new version and are available at Faculty should note the following items:

  1. Access to the older Blackboard version will remain for faculty through September 2011. Content can be transferred to the new server by doing a course export on the older version ( and a course import on the new server (
  2. There is a new process for combining (now called merging) classes. You do not need to request or submit a form; instead, you can now directly merge one or more sections’ student enrollments into an existing section’s enrollments yourself. You must be listed as an instructor in all courses needing to be merged. Complete instructions can be found on the “Blackboard Help” tab under the “Merging Classes” module at
  3. If you haven’t already attending training, feel free to register for one of the training sessions on the new Blackboard interface offered by the Walker Teaching Resource Center.

Important Dates:
May 9, 2011 – students directed to new Blackboard server from MyMocsNet
June 2011 – Fall ’11 classes uploaded to UTC Online
September 15, 2011 – access to old Blackboard server removed for faculty

Please contact the Teaching Resource Center if you have any questions. Learn more about the transition here.

UTC Online Administrator