UTC Online officially switches Blackboard versions next week on May 9 when students will be directed to a new Blackboard server. This new server at bb4.utc.edu is where you will find any Summer 2011 class using UTC Online and may be accessed at anytime with your UTCID and password. The old server will remain online for faculty until September 15, 2011.

As part of the UTC Online/Blackboard transition, Blackboard organizations are also impacted by this switch. Any current Blackboard organization wanting space on the new server should email a request (if they haven’t already done so) from one of its organizational leaders to utconlin@utc.edu by May 6. Details about requests and the organizational transition are listed here.

Training on the new Blackboard version is being offered by the Walker Teaching Resource Center.

Please contact the Teaching Resource Center if you have any questions about this transition for UTC Online.

UTC Online Administrator