UTC Online ImageUTC Online has officially transitioned to a new Blackboard version. Users are now being directed to the new Blackboard server for any Summer 2011 class using UTC Online. All faculty, staff, and students may login to the new server through MyMocsNet, at utconline.utc.edu, or directly at bb4.utc.edu. The old server which contains Spring 2011 classes and earlier may still be accessed, but you must login directly at bb3.utc.edu

What’s New
The new Blackboard version adds many great enhancements:

  • Improved accessibility for screen reader users
  • Improved assignment features
  • Improved management of groups
  • New overall look and feel
  • New tools: Blogs, Journals, Mashups, and Wikis
  • New way to combine (merge) classes
  • New way to manage course content (Course Files)
  • New way to view course as a student sees it (Add Test Student)

A detailed list of what’s new is located here.

Training & Help Documentation
Training for faculty and staff on the new Blackboard version is being offered by the Walker Teaching Resource Center (schedule of training classes).

Training for students is being offered through the self-paced Student UTC Online Training class found in the “Enroll in Student Training” module located on the Courses tab within Blackboard (see this image). Students may self-enroll in this training class to learn more about the new Blackboard version.

Help documentation for all users is located here.

Faculty: Archive & Export off the Old Server
You may access your Spring 2011 and earlier classes on the old server until September 15, 2011. To access the old server, you must login directly at bb3.utc.edu

To move any course content from the old server to the new server, you must export a part or all that course. Faculty are highly encouraged to archive and export any classes they may have on the old server and save a copy of the archive/export files on their local computer. Instructions on how to archive and export a class can be found here.

Please contact or stop by the Walker Teaching Resource Center (401 Hunter) if you have any questions about this transition for UTC Online.

UTC Online Administrator