Are you trying to make a customized banner for your course but having some trouble? is a simple, free, Internet tool that allows you to customize images with text and other effects to make a fitting course banner.

To start, identify an image that you would like to use as your course banner. You can use an image from the web (keeping in mind copyright) by saving it to your computer (right click on the image > Save Image As) or choose a personal photo or image from your saved image files.  Navigate to choose Open Pixlr Editor. Once the Editor has loaded, select Open Image from Computer and choose an image saved to your computer.

The suggested size for a banner image is anywhere between 600-800 pixels wide and about 150 pixels tall. You can specify these dimensions by clicking image (at the top) > image size.

Pixlr creates layers so you can edit the background separately from the text. The Layers menu is located on the right-hand side of the Pixlr canvas. The banner image included above has two layers – one for the background image and one for the text. The layer you are editing is highlighted in blue. To edit another layer simply click on the layer from within the Layers list.


The icon circled in red is what brings up the editing options shown below the highlighted bar.  Opacity will allow you to make the background more or less transparent.  This may be a helpful tool if you want your text to POP.

The image to the left is a portion of the tools bar located on the left-hand side of the screen.  The A icon is the text tool that will allow you to add text on top of your picture.  Once you are done, click File > Save and save your picture as a JPEG.  You can refer to the blog “Welcome Back and Looking Forward: Customizing the Look of Your Course Part II” to see how to upload your new banner into your course.


Whitney Huskey
Graduate Assistant
Walker Teacher Resource Center


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