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UTC Online’s New Website

When students return this fall, they will be welcomed to the campus by a new and updated website.  With this website reboot, UTC Online also taken the opportunity to reorganize and update its website to better optimize access for prospective students and support for current students and faculty.  The new UTC Online can be found at

The reorganization has been focused around the role of the user viewing the website and divided among current students, prospective students and instructors.  The Current Students tab contains a welcome page with familiar links to other departments and resources that current students may need or find useful.  There is also a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which may help students solve common problems.  All of UTC Online’ s Blackboard tutorials for students are available on the new student Blackboard support pages and are organized into categories that students are familiar with from the last UTC Online website.  If students are still having problems, they can visit the Get Help section for more information and a link to Information Technology’s website.

The Prospective Students tab is geared a little more towards students who may be looking to attend UTC and take classes online.  This section includes links for admissions, online fees, records, calendars and many more.  There is also a list of technical needs and system requirements for students interested in taking online classes.  Prospective students may want to take the short Are You Ready to Learn Online? quiz. There is also a list of FAQ’s and a list of Distance and Online programs currently offered at UTC.

The Instructor tab is to provide resources for instructors including, much like the Current Students tab, common and familiar links to other resources like Online and Distance policies, FERPA, and best practices.  There are also FAQ’s, a Get Help section and a large collection of Blackboard tutorials familiar to faculty who were accustomed to the old site.  Here, instructors will find the tutorials grouped in an easy to navigate way and should not have any problems finding what they need.

Finally, underneath the Blackboard tab, there is a list of UTC polices, a Get Help Guide, a list of Known Issues, the Blackboard maintenance schedule, Troubleshooting help and a Browser Check to make sure your system and software is ready to go.We hope that this new UTC Online will be an important resource for all parties looking for information from UTC Online or about Online and Distance Programs at UTC.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Aaron Shoemaker

Aaron Shoemaker
Distance Learning Technology Specialist


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