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Request for Spring 2011 Classes to Pilot New Blackboard Version

If you are an instructor who would like to test the new Blackboard version with your Spring 2011 class, please email with the class(es) or contact the Walker Teaching Resource Center.

Move to New Blackboard Version Rescheduled for Summer 2011

All UTC Online classes will migrate to the new version of Blackboard beginning with Summer 2011 classes. Access to these courses for instructors will begin in April 2011. While UTC Online had tentatively scheduled moving to Blackboard Learn 9.1 for Spring 2011 classes, UTC Online administrators decided to hold off on migrating due to the following reasons discovered during the Fall 2010 pilot: Identification of multiple issues and bugs

August 2010 Update

Here’s a brief update on where we stand with the new Blackboard version for UTC Online. Completed: Installed new physical servers for UTC Online Installed Blackboard Learn 9.1 on new servers New Blackboard version is up and mostly ready to go: This Fall: Beta testing by Walker Teaching Resource Center staff and UTC instructors Pilot testing for several Fall 2010 courses Faculty will have access to Spring 2011

Challenges in Moving to Version 9

In a presentation at BbWorld 2010 (“Upgrading to Blackboard Learn, Release 9: Field Notes from USC and UT Austin”), Patrick Crispen and Carolyn Thomas summarize some of the challenges their institutions faced when moving to Blackboard version 9. Some highlights included: Old ways to navigate and build a course no longer apply: many will think it’s easier, but inevitably some faculty will not think so The computer you use

Text Box Editor

As a Mac user, it’s heartening to see Blackboard support the WYSIWYG editor (called the “Text Box Editor“) for Safari users. Windows/Mac Chrome users get support too. It’s also pleasantly easy to toggle the text box editor on/off if for whatever reason you have troubles with it. Blackboard’s help page on this editor is especially amusing towards the end: “Differences Between Text Editor and Text Editor The Text Editor

9 About 9

This post by Eric Kunnen (“Nine Things to Like About Blackboard 9“) is a good summary of the best of version 9. My favorites are the first five he mentions: Editing in place = no more clicks to the Control Panel Improved user interface Single, multiple, or unlimited (!) assignment submission attempts Enhanced group management: can set up group assignments and faculty can set up the course so students

Blank pages

One of the most bizarre new content types in Blackboard 9 is a blank page. As you can guess, it is exactly what it says. I’m not sure of why you would need this content type since when would you want to post empty content (a blank page, if you will). If you do want to post content (begging the question of its “blankness”), this content type basically mirrors

Wikis in Blackboard

One of the new features I’m most excited about are course wikis. Here are a few quick thoughts. The good: Wikis are very easy to create, edit, and view changes Wikis can be implemented at the course or group level Wikis can be graded Multiple wikis or wiki pages can be linked together Comparisons between wiki page versions is excellent The bad: Wikis only exist within the course environment;

Blackboard Released Version 9.1

Just as UTC Online was to begin testing Blackboard 9.0, Blackboard released version 9.1 of its Blackboard Learn software. This version adds further new features such as wikis, Course Files (a way to manage content within a course), and mashups to Blackboard. Version 9.1 will be the version UTC Online plans to release in late 2010. Blackboard has developed some good online help documentation about Blackboard 9.x explaining the

First Post – Upgrading to Blackboard 9

UTC Online uses Blackboard’s Academic Suite release 8.x as the delivery tool for its online course management. Blackboard released version 9 (Blackboard Learn) in 2009. Since version 9 is a big departure from past Blackboard versions, UTC Online decided to wait to upgrade so as to prevent subjecting users to bugs typical of any major new software release. UTC Online will upgrade to Blackboard Learn 9.x effective for the