Olivia–A New Addition To The Nickelodeon Family

By Carmen Stephens

NEW YORK(AP/UTC)–Picture book character Olivia made her debut Monday in a more colorful life on Nick Jr..  12-year-old Emily Gray, plays the voice of the 6 3/4 twirly drama queen and fashionista who has a can-do spirit and love of red stripes, and growing social life.

Award-winning author and illustrator of Olivia Ian Falconer, said the character is on a real Olivia, his niece.  The production company wanted to to expand Olivia’s look without losing her spunk and and physical humor.  Emily said, “I like how outgoing she is and how she tries new things and doesn’t worry about what everyoune else thinks about her and just wants to be happy with herself.” 

One might even say that this is a more realistic hildren’s show.  Brown Johnson, president of Nickelodeon’s animated unit said Olivia varies from other shows in that it is “really about storytelling”, without being too “storybook.”

Falcon said, the overall essence of Olivia is  “just this little girl who has this huge imagination and turns the everyday goings on of life into this incredibly big adventure. But it’s not for accolades. It’s not for stardom. It’s just how she is.”

Although Falcon’s books were geared more toward girls, the show can be enjoyed by all who consume it.  Langston reassures the people by saying “kids of both genders have responded positively to the series, They’re been really engaged with it and really, really connected to Olvia.”

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