Facebook: A Communication Breakthrough

By: Katherine Harden

Chattanooga, TN (UTC)– Reconsider Facebook’s prevalence on college campuses before you deny its friend request.  Facebook, a social networking Website, is changing the way college students communicate.

Raley Parker, a freshman seminar professor, requires that students in his class have a Facebook profile.  “It’s a great way to stay connected and a good avenue for introducing students to the university,” Parker said.

He posts the class syllabus, assignments, and any information about upcoming class events all on Facebook.

Parker said it is a nice change from the widely used Blackboard, and he believes his students enjoy it.  Parker uses Facebook to posts events and create groups for his classes.

Unlike Blackboard, Facebook allowed more convenience for his students.  “It also made me more available than just posted office times,” Parker said.

He recalled his college years when he didn’t have a cell phone and said that Facebook has changed the way college students interact.

“Many college students today would be kidding themselves if they said they’re not on Facebook more than once a day,” Morgan Loftin, Clarksville, Tenn., junior, said.

Loftin said she uses Facebook mostly for social networking and keeping in touch with old friends.  She also said she receives invitations and important messages about her sorority through Facebook.

Loftin said most people have a Facebook account because it connects you to people instantly.  She said she believes Facebook has changed the way college students communicate and that it could make class communication easier.

“Facebook will continue to be an influential part of college life in the future,” she said. 


















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