Beatlemania Returns

By Louise Elliott

LONDON (TheLoop/AP)-Forty years since their breakup, the Beatles are back with newly remastered albums and a video game featuring their music.

Digitally remastered versions of all of the Beatles albums are being released.

The new video game follows in the successful footsteps of the Rock Band legacy and will allow players to become the Beatles while performing their songs.

Fans in London lined up to buy the newly released materials.  Many said they love The Beatles’ music because its what their parents listened to.  University student, Daniela Gutierrez, waited in line to get the video game.  “My parents were huge Beatles fans and I grew up listening to their music,” said Gutierrez. “I can’t wait to have the game and start playing the songs.”

Some Beatles fans however said they are happy with the CDs they currently own and will not be replacing them with remastered versions.  “I appreciate the songs and I love the Beatles, but I’m happy enough with the CD collection I’ve got,” said Rory Mulcahy, a visitor to Abbey Road Studio. “I think there is a bit of moneymaking in there.”

  • The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan show in 1964
  • The band broke up around 1970
  • The band released 12 studio albums
  • The Beatles: Rock Band video game released
  • New digitally remastered albums released

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