behind UTC alerts

U-T-C has policies put into place in the case of emergency. The office of safety and risk management is in charge of these emergency responses.

They send out e-mails to all students and text messages to those who have signed up for U-T-C alerts.  Shelby Thompson has been working in the office since February.  She is working to make sure everyone on campus is prepared for emergency situations.

For many students, the most recent memorable emergency could easily be the Tornados last April. Thompson remembers them too. She remembers the stages  in which the storms progressed, how school was cancelled, then opened again, then cancelled once more, and how the office handled the confusion.

Not everyone receives these messages though because not everyone has signed up for U-T-C alert text messages. Nashville, Freshman Katrina Ferrier has not because she claims that the University already sends her too many messages about things she doesn’t care about and she doesn’t want any more.

Former student, Carol Meck, however, found the alert text messages very useful while she was a student last year mainly because she wanted to know if class was canceled before she got out of bed.

# # #Click here to listen to Shelby Thompson talk about what to do during a tornado

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