UTC Freshmen Housing Issues

By Sam Dennis


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -Incoming freshman should apply early for housing at UTC to increase their chances of living on campus.

All freshman attending UTC are required to live on campus.  According to UTC Admissions, 10,781 students are enrolled, and of those students, 1,948 are freshman.

According to Admissions, 1,910 freshmen this year are living in one of the four dorms on-campus: UTC Place, Lockmiller, Boling, or Johnson O’Bare.  The remaining 38 students are situated at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo downtown.

Jackson Nunnally, UTC Freshman, lives in Stophel Apartments at UTC Place, and says it is very convenient for him.

“Obviously it is convenient because you’re close to all of your classes, and it’s easier to get around,” Nunnally said.

Although a majority of freshman were able to get into a dormitory, there is still a hanful of students situated off-campus.

Thomas Scott, a UTC senior and transfer student, applied for housing; however, he was stuck living at the Choo-Choo when the dorms filled up.  Scott believes there are pros and cons to off-campus housing.

“I like living off –campus because it is closer to downtown, but at the same time I wish I were on campus because I don’t have a car, and so I have to use the shuttle everyday for class,” Scott said.

As numbers for enrollment continue to increase and no current plans for future housing, incoming freshman need to apply immediately for housing to avoid any problems in either transportation to and from class, of off-campus living.

Click here to listen to UTC Junior Taylor Bates talk more about pros/cons of UTC Housing

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