Bad Encounter with Chevy

By Erin Matthews

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Echo ) –

Police responded to a miscellaneous complaint at Stacy Town Center on 8th Street.

Upon police arrival, the student stated to police that while she was driving on Georgia Avenue and Market Street, she had a run-in with some people driving a grey Chevy equinox vehicle.

The student stated she called police to advise them of the vehicle following her.

Police told the student they would have a patrol vehicle ride through the area.

The student stated to police that the grey equinox vehicle had pulled behind her in lot 47-2 after seeing her go in that lot from MLK Blvd.

The student stated a black male with a white shirt on and a hat on his head got out of the car and shouted at her that she better not hit his car.

The student stated the suspect got back into his car and drove off.

The vehicle had a temporary tag on the back of it and the student could not remember anything else of the suspect.

The student said she wanted a report done for any further incidents.

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